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Smart Home

Command your home to improve your comfort!

Energy saving

In the days we live, saving energy is a major issue in society, which concerns us more and more, increasing our concern about the impact of overconsumption of electricity on the environment and the future of the planet.

Our company's proposal for the participation of every house, apartment, building in reducing energy consumption is the Smart Home solution, with reliable MOES products. By installing and using smart switches/sensors/lighting everyday in our home and workplace, we can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. 

The easy creation of scenarios that close the lighting, heating, blinds, and devices when we leave the house, or activate the functions we want when we enter it, is a simple example of how we can easily and economically change the way life and to improve our daily life.

I'm saving up

A very important addition to the energy program "I Save" is the possibility of supplying and installing "Smart Home" hardware in the following categories:  

  • Intelligent electrical load and lighting management systems

  • Smart Heating/Cooling systems

  • Intelligent remote control and monitoring systems of the Smart Home system.

The total cost for the supply of the superior equipment can reach up to €2500.

Our company has all program materials that have the necessary certifications to be accepted upon your application, as well as the expertise to guide you so that you get the most bang for your buck.

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Smart Locks

Smart Locks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), and the concept of access control, is a topic that concerns an increasingly large portion of people, as the needs for providing services that are created in our daily life, are more and more.

The cleaning crew that needs to clean your business premises or your home when you are away. The customers of your tourist accommodation who come at times when you are resting or have some other obligation, and many more examples. All this can be solved easily and economically with the Smart locks available at From your mobile with a few taps on your screen, access is given to your family, the friends you want to host while you are away, the cleaning crew or the neighbor   who feeds your pet. The most important thing is that you define the period of time that everyone will have access to your lock and when that time passes, they will simply not be able to enter the space. Without having given keys, with the worry of them being lost. Contact us to answer any questions you may have and to explain how a Smart lock can make your everyday life easier.

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