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At we know that the installation of a smart device can be a challenge for some. Many times additional electrician work is also required to support the operation of smart applications. We provide you with complete installation solutions, where after consultation and selection of your products, our workshop can undertake the presentation of the order at your place and their placement in the indicated places. For details please contact us by phone or mail and we will respond by requesting the necessary information and descriptions to receive a complete offer.


A smart device is never smarter than its user. Give a line of operation and bring your smart devices to artificial intelligence levels, configuring them correctly and according to your needs! With many examples of operation and reaction, you can choose the operating logic of your smart device and take full advantage of its capabilities. Only with the advice of Customization from our experienced technicians, you will enjoy a real smart home result.

Proposal - Study for upgrade to a smart home

We are at your disposal to offer you a complete solution to upgrade your home or the space available for you to manage, in order to make the most of its possibilities and to make your daily life easier and the stay of your guests more enjoyable with a Smart Home experience.

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